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From Melody Mulkey ( consultant ) ...Derry has done an amazing job with developing a new template for their home page and secondary pages (which they love so much!). Now, Amy is wondering if the hours that they have will be sufficient in helping to make their design responsive...

From Client UNLV ( using beta hyperslider ) Melody & Derry:

The new homepage at looks great! We really love the new homepage slideshow. It's clean, simple and easy to update. Thank you for implementing a simple-to-use solution!

Amy Bouchard, APR Director of Communications and Volunteer Management

From Scott Reuschling ( Customer support )

..Derry has been working on some email templates for The Conservation Fund and he has been very responsive and a pleasure to work with...

From Rheagan Timmerman ( Project Manager ) Ps. Derry’s response time was outstanding. Both times I emailed him with help the adjustments were made within minutes.

New code tool for cleaning up CRM form designation queries From Nick Fogle ( Sr. Web developer ) Nice work Derry! I like this so much better! From Mark Hilliard ( Sr. Web developer ) Nice work Derry!, very succinct solution. It’s a little scary that the CRM API is spitting out unstructured data though.

New methodology for customizing parts From Dan Mastin ( Consulting Manager ) Derry is wrapping up development of a pretty cool Directory. He customized the layout in ways we’ve never really tried before and included a profile image (defaults to mascot if no image is added), and it looks awesome.

Append to Quality and Customer delight since i ran out of room :-)

Barbara Kingsbury from Metanoia wanted me to pass along their heartfelt thanks for your efforts on Friday. Citing your generous spirits, she said you went above and beyond with your service by volunteering on a last minute project away from the team and staying late to assist the contractor/electrician finish up his w ork. Metanoia is very appreciative of the time you spent with them on Friday.

Thank you for helping good take over.

Sally Ehrenfried Manager, Philanthropy & Volunteer Engagement

Communication skills

From Cameron Hurst ( project manager ) Hey Derry,

I just wanted to say you ROCKED that call! You sounded very professional and knowledgeable (not that I had any doubts) and was able to highlight risks/concerns regarding the email templates. What could have turned into a bitter call turned out with the client saying they would pay for more testing.

From Rheagan Timmerman and Nick Fogle ( after client design review call for Pomona College) Rheagan - I am very impressed! Nick - Agreed! Nice work Derry. It’s never easy going through so much QA minutiae.

Innovation Award

Without the knowledge of creating custom content parts I was able to produce a methodolgy that works in all Blackbaud software environment that requires entry level understanding of html and css.

furthermore, the technology will greatly improve productivity for both clients and developers. Below are a list of my contributions

  1. Hypertables - javascript methodology for creating custom responsive parts and custom layouts using standard wysiwyg editor
  2. Hyper Menu - custom content part that boost productivity for clients when creating, managing and editing menus.
  3. Hyper Slider- fun and flexible drag and drop slider that can be configured to use any slideshow library on the market.
  4. Hyper Form - hypertable methodology applied to BBNC/BBIS donation forms that helps develops create custom responsive donation experiences
  5. Hyper Scrub - javascript function that formats designaitons received from CRM api.
  6. better validation handling.

Problem Solving

One our major problems is easily updating clients with the latest global css and javascript used on every project. The problem is faced by the practice of embedding both client theme and part styles into one single file. The proposed solution of partitioning the styles through the use of the style gallery makes troubleshooting issues less confusing and as easy as pasting in the new part styles.

I have also worked on providing QA issues along with the potential correction to github to help us improve our code base.

in addition, I determined a way for users to have a custom profile image using a third party service gravatar. This solutions was neccessary to meet client design expectations and fulfill a hole in products.

self devel

My excitment over the last quarter has been so exciting. Learning more and more about the product while facing complex and challenging design goals has been the fuel for innovation and thinking more streamlined


I'm passionate about developing solutions that help both client and our business. This passion has fueled my creativity and enthusiasm into building and improving solutions on my spare time. I truly hope that with my performance and many contributions brings weight to my value at Blackbaud.